Smooth Mixing Multi-source Protein by Black Magic Supply

So you're looking for one of the best tasting protein powders, you have to check out Black Magic Supps Hand Crafted Multi-Source Protein! Protein powder can be tricky. Whether you're having difficulty digesting protein, you can't seem to enjoy the flavor(s) or the protein powder doesn't mix well. 

Taking a look and trying out Black Magic Supply multi-sourced protein, the label is clear as to what you will be getting. The formula includes:

  • MCT

Each serving contains 24 grams high of quality proteinYou get three (3) different time releases within your body to help recover in phases so to ultimately maximize your muscle growth.

Instantly as you open the container of Chocolate PB Puff's, the delicious smell of cereal comes to mind. We added one (1) level scoop to 10 oz. of cool (not ice cold) water. The powder mixes extremely well with almost no clumping (mixed with a Smart Shaker, not a blender during our trial). 

This protein is ideal for a weight loss or weight gain (depending on what you're mixing the protein powder with). This protein is used by both men and women for optimal muscle gain* and recovery. If you're looking for one of the best tasting protein powders, check out Black Magic Supps Protein!