Military Veterans Take Charge with Battle Bars

" We’re an inspired group of military veterans and patriots on a mission to change that. An idea born on the battlefield, created to provide a premium source of fuel to the nation’s fighting forces, now brought home to change the status quo. " - Battle Bars CEO Alex Witt

A protein packed bar with a twist and a hint of caffeine. The Battle Bars were first introduced to us by former and active military individuals. The brand caught our eye when we noticed it also contained a small amount of caffeine (60mg) per bar. Since we are a law enforcement owned company, military owned companies often peak our interest. So are Battle Bars worth it? Let's dig into a little on why we think you'll love the Battle Bars.

Battle Bars Box Commonwealth Nutrition 

The first flavor of choice was FBR (THE FULL BATTLE RATTLE)  aka S'MORES.

So upon opening the box, the  immediate packaging was appealing. The big "FBR" with the “Full Battle Rattle” listed below. The bars are a nice size, almost like a common rice crispy treat (a little smaller than a $1 Dollar bill).

Battle Bars Single Bar Size Commonwealth Nutrition

Immediately upon opening the packaging, you can see the light chocolate coating over protein crisps. We saw the chocolate is slightly sensitive to heat as you immediately remove it from the wrapper, the chocolate coating melts in your hands. Not extremely quick, but not as slow as most other bars like the Redcon1 MRE Bars or even the Muscle Sandwiches.

Battle Bars Product Image Commonwealth Nutrition

First Bite...

We would have to say it has a great texture and is not too dense like some bars can be. You can taste the dark chocolate coating instantly with the after taste of the soft center protein crisps. Throughout the FBR Bar there is marshmallow just like a rice crispy treat. Some protein bars you may get an after taste of the protein used or some of the artificial sweeteners but with Battle Bars you won't get that taste. We would have to say that the bars are quite soft and easy to eat (minus the chocolate coating that melts relatively quickly). 

As mentioned, the Battle Bars contain 200 mg of caffeine accompanied with 4 grams of 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA's as well as egg whites. A lot of natural sources of nutrients packed into the Battle Bar that's for sure. 

At $2.91 per protein bar, we say that the bar is totally worth giving it a shot. If you're use to the normal dense textured protein bar, the Battle Bar is a nice change. Plus with the added caffeine makes the Battle Bars unique in their category.

Battle Bars Box Slogan Commonwealth Nutrition