Our Story

After graduating in 2008 with a degree in Science, I began work in 2009 at an engineering firm. I had the good fortune to collaborate with engineers, CEOs and other talented individuals who taught me many invaluable lessons. The most crucial was the importance of continued education, both formal and otherwise.

However, in late 2009 transitioning into 2010, I faced a setback. I was laid off due to the recession and was unable to secure employment in my field of expertise.

In 2010 I was invited to travel to South Korea for about a month. During my visit I learned the importance of respect and loyalty in the South Korean culture. My visit was made difficult due to the language barrier and I drew on lesson number one – continued education. I learned fast how to speak the language in order to get food and necessities, and to interact with the people so that I could have the fullest experience possible.

Landing back in the U.S., I still had no job or leads, until one weekend in the summer of 2010. While at the gym, I learned that a local supplement company was hiring warehouse workers. Familiar with the store from my college days, I seized the opportunity and secured a warehouse job. Though not my desired position, in retrospect it was what started me on a new path.

During my time with the company, I l developed a greater knowledge of vitamins, nutrition supplements, diets, and exercise. Seeing this as an opportunity for personal and professional growth, I taught myself about the retail side of the business, such as sales, buyer behavior, relationship building and marketing. I knew that developing the company’s marketing department was key. So, YouTube and Reddit articles it was. Day in and day out, day in and day out I read, watched, and took notes.

The company grew rapidly, from four employees to eleven. However, the company was not able to adapt to such rapid growth and I could see the writing on the wall…..

This is when I set out to begin my career in law enforcement. At my core, I enjoy helping people. However, during my years in law enforcement I’ve learned that, as satisfying as it is to protect the innocent and lock up bad guys, my true passion is helping people in another way.

Fast forwarding to 2020, when the world shut down due to the pandemic, I learned a lot of new things and had many new experiences, both good and bad. What was repeated daily in the Academy, “Accountability, Loyalty, Respect”, stayed with me and reminded me of this - To be humble and stay true to who I am. To treat others the way I would want to be treated. To be a leader amongst all. To hold the highest standards, no matter what.

During that time I found that working out, eating and cooking healthy meals, and the use of nutrition supplements helped push me through the heart of the pandemic and kept me healthy. During that time I became disgusted by the high-pressure sales pitches and tactics of the chain nutrition stores. The internet is full of information, but how does one navigate all of this sometimes contradictory information?

I envisioned a place where you are seen as a person and not as a transaction. A place where you can go and have someone there to help you get on the right track. And that gave birth to Commonwealth Nutrition. Right there, in my dining room, the company was established. I knew that starting this company would help foster my vision and mission to help others.

In 2021 I took a leap of faith and opened my first retail store. The space was perfect…an 880 square foot retail location in Ross Township, PA which I found while out getting groceries. The space was built-out and on November 1, 2021 our doors opened to the public!

While working on the build out, I knew we needed to establish values and a guiding light to create and grow the community. I’ve used Our Core Four as a guide to ensure that each and every customer who walks through the door knows we have their best interests at heart and that everyone is of value to us.

I know that my passion is to help others. I know that my team and our customers like
helping others. This synergetic environment is what we are about. We are your friends, neighbors, partners, teammates, and pillars of our communities.

Thank you all for your amazing support. We appreciate you allowing us to be your trusted partner and sharing the vision and mission we have for our friends, family, and community.

Without you, there is no us.

We are Commonwealth Nutrition.

~Joseph Kania


Our Core Four

At Commonwealth Nutrition, our core values guide every aspect of our mission to empower individuals on their journey to optimal health and wellness.

INTEGRITY: We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our interactions, ensuring transparency, honesty, and accountability at every step.

LOYALTY: We are committed to building enduring relationships with our customers, based on mutual trust, respect, and loyalty.

TRUST: Trust is the cornerstone of our business. We strive to earn and maintain the trust of our community by consistently delivering reliable, evidence-based information and products.

LEADERSHIP: As pioneers in the field of nutrition, we lead by example, inspiring others to prioritize their health and well-being through education, support, and innovation.

At Commonwealth Nutrition, these core values are more than just words—they are the principles that drive us forward, helping us fulfill our mission to help individuals achieve the results they desire.