A Clean Pre-workout Formula Infused with Citafuze

From the can to a tub. RAZE Energy puts out a powdered version of their tasty energy drink. RAZE Energy formulates their pre workout powder with the athlete in mind packing each serving with Himalayan Sea Salt and Citafuze.

A clean and high quality pre workout supplement before each workout can be extremely beneficial to boost your performance. Many individuals who strive to better themselves for general purposes, athletic performance or professional bodybuilders take a form a pre workout supplements. So what makes RAZE Energy a nice addition to your pre workout supplement rotation? 

A couple key factors are looked at in supplement formulas for pre workout boost of energy. RAZE new pre workout powder formula seems to have a handful of those ingredients that are most sought after. 

The Delivery

The use of Himalayan Sea salt (at 100 mg) for delivery is a good and nice change to the common delivery ingredients found in most pre workout supplements.

The Pump & Hydration

A mix of effective ingredients, coupled together for a more than generous blend. RAZE pre workout pump formula includes Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine, Betaine Anhydrous. Solid group of pump products together at 6000 mg per scoop.

RAZE Pre Workout Powder High Energy Intense Pre Workout Formula

Hydration. This is where we like what we see as Raze pre workout contains taurine, BCAA's, Himalayan Pink sea salt (great to see this added as stated before) along with Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride and Potassium Citrate. 

An overall review of the product is that the container and packaging are eye catching with their signature look. Comparing the flavors, specifically one of our favorites, the Baja Lime, seems to closely compare to the RAZE Energy RTD energy drink. 

For a nice addition to your pre workout supplement rotation, be sure to try out Repp Sports RAZE Pre Workout.